Digital mapping

Presentations of the project results in digital technologies

Dynamic timeline: here.


Zadar: 1. Pentagonal tower (Captain’s tower); 2. Babarum (round) tower; 3. Rented house for the count; 4. Count’s palace; 5. St. Stephen’s Church; 6. Communal square (with loggia and St. Platon’s Church); 7. Square in front of the cathedral; 8. Cathedral and the bishop’s palace; 9. North-western citadel; 10. Arsenal.

Korčula: 1. Count’s palace.

Poreč: 1. Pentagonal tower; 2. “Round tower”; 3. Episcopal complex; 4. Governmental palace; 5. Loggia.

Dubrovnik: 1. Castrum; 2. Rented house for the count; 3. Town Hall; 4. Cathedral; 5. Arsenal; 6. St. Blaise’s Church (and the new Loggia); 7. The Old Town; 8. The western city gate; 9. The old eastern city gate; 10. The new eastern city gate; 11. Main (Placa) Street (the border between the old and the new burgus, later in the centre of the town).

Rab: 1. Governmental palace; 2. Loggia; 3. Bishop’s palace; 4. Arsenal.